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Wow, what a great start to our Med Plus Advantage Global Health Challenge.

Want updates on this year’s contest?

Our Contest Video Prompt

The final phase of the Med Plus Advantage Global Health Challenge is currently underway! The finalist teams are currently working on their video submissions based on the following prompt . . .

“From malnutrition to safe water, chronic disease to access to quality healthcare, a wide variety of diverse global health challenges exist today. Meeting those challenges and improving the quality of life of the world’s most vulnerable populations will require a great deal of innovation, critical thinking and new solutions to today’s most pressing problems.

In 5 minutes or less, tell us the story of who your team is and, from your team’s perspective and experience, what you believe is the most important global health challenge today. Then, tell us how you would address it.”


Our 2014 Med Plus Advantage Finalist Teams are…